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Picture Resizer Pro allows you to make your pictures smaller or larger
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This program as many others of the kind has the abiltiy to resize pictures, but with the difference that this program has a great variety of built in options.
If you have a powerfull digital camera that takes large and heavy pictures and once you want to share these pictures it becomes anoying as you spend too much time, because large sized pictures can't be sent as attachment in a mail,cant be stored in a cell phone or any mp4 device ans you are tired and don't know what to do, Picture Resizer will help you and take all these problems away. With this program such things won't happen again, just select the pictures you want to resize ,even those inside a folder, and only with one click you will get all your picters the size you wanted.
So do not spend hours sending large pictures, or just saving more hard disk space as large pictures may use large amount of space, resize all the pictures you want.
The interface and the user friendly menus will help you to understand inmediatly the adavantages of this program.

Guzman Gonzalez
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